This conference is organized to provide an opportunity to all individuals and organizations who are involved and interested in the advancement of materials characterization techniques to share their view and experience. Additionally, AMCT provides a platform exchanging information, discussion of scientific problems and findings as well as fostering of friendship and partnership.

The materials characerization techniques  have contributed a lot to research and services especially in quality control and characterization study.  The advancement of knowledge in material science, solid-state physics, catalysis, medical and other fields have also benefited much from these techniques. With the recent inclusion of powerful software, plotting facilities to provide quick results and with high precision analysis, these techniques have gained much interest and have greatly widened its application in many new fields. Thus, it is timely to have this conference to assess current development and deliberate on the recent innovation, and to introduce new ideas on development and future trends in applications of these techniques.

Conference Objectives

To provide International Forum for researchers, engineers, professors, educational scientists, technologists and students in the areas of Education, Science and Technology. It will be an excellent opportunity to present, demonstrate and discuss research, development, applications, and the latest innovations and results in the field of Education and Industry.

The conference will also provide a platform for researchers, instructors, scientists, engineers and students to exchange their ideas and intellectual view on related topics.

Who should attend

Manufacturers and users of materials characterization related techniques including material scientists, engineers, medical surgeons, solid state physicists, chemists, geologists, dentists, interested parties and all those in area of manufacturing quality control of products and material characterizations.

Benefits of attending

  • Keep up-to-date on the latest advances in the field.
  • Collaborate with experts from around Malaysia and all over the world.
  • Conference papers will be processed for publication in the AMCT2019 abstract proceeding.
  • Selected conference papers will be potentially processed for publication in scopus indexed.



AMCT2019 e-Proceeding


Feedback Form

Important Deadlines

Extended Abstract Submission Deadline
28th Feb 2019

Notification of Acceptance
15th Mac 2019

Full Payment
15th April 2019 

Full Paper
30th May 2019



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